2019-2020 Season

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Rehearsal Notes

Rehearsal Tracks

Bach – All movements

Haydn – Kyrie; Gloria; Credo; Sanctus; Benedictus (soli); Agnus Dei

Mendelssohn – Entire piece

Mendelssohn – Jesu meine Freude
Bach – Mvt 1

Haydn – Gloria, review Sanctus and Agnus Dei
Bach – Mvt 1

Haydn – Credo (entire movement); Kyrie
Bach – Mvt 1

Bach, mov’t 1
Haydn – Kyrie m.34-end
Gloria m.239-end
Credo m.222-end

All else will be review of the past two weeks, with some work on Jesu Meine Freude.

Bach – Mvt 1, 3, 7
Haydn – Mvt Sanctus, Agnus Dei, Gloria (all)
Mendelssohn – Jesu meine Freude – m.68 to end

Bach – Mvt 3
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2020 Carnegie Hall Trip

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