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Annual Dues

Musica Sacra depends on donations  from its sponsors,  its public, and from its members.

Musica Sacra provides the vocal scores for its members. After the concert, these scores are kept in a library for future us.

Dues partially cover this and other costs. Dues are completely volutary. No one is prevented from participating for non-payment of dues.

Dues remain the same as in years past:

  • $40 per individual
  • $60 per household

You may pay in person at a rehearsal, send a check, or pay online.

Mailing address:
Musica Sacra Foundation
PO Box 43122
Cincinnati, OH 45243

Pay online

    Rehearsal Info

    Episcopal Church of the Redeemer
    2944 Erie Ave.
    Cincinnati, OH 45208

    Rehearsal Schedule:
    Rehearsals are always on Monday evenings from 7:15-9:30 pm (except for Labor Day), unless otherwise noted below or announced by Chorus Manager.



    • NEW! Read-through rehearsal: TBD / Nov-Dec
      • Date will be confirmed once the sheet music has arrived.
    • January 9, 16, 23, 30; February 6, 13, 20, 27; March 6, 13, 20
      • We might schedule a supplemental Saturday rehearsal. Please watch your email!
    • March 25 – Dress Rehearsal/Sound Check
      Call Time: 8:30am – Onsite at Performance Venue

    Practice Aids

    NOTE 1: Due to their large file sizes, Vocal or Full Score PDFs have not been downloaded. The links below will take you to the “source” website (CPDL, IMSLP, etc.).

    NOTE 2: The sources below are intended to “aid” in practicing between rehearsals. Musica Sacra will suply purchased vocal scores which we will use in rehearsals.


    Haydn | The Creation (Die Schöpfung), Hob. XXI: 2 

    PART I

    • 1.Overture – The Representation of Chaos 0:19
    • 2.Let there be Light 6:44
    • 3.Now vanish before the holy beams 8:01
    • 4.The marv’lous work beholds amazed 13:41
    • 5.Rolling in foaming billows 16:17
    • 6.With verdure clad the fields appear 20:36
    • 7.Awake the harp 25:43
    • 8.In splendour bright is rising now the sun 28:22
    • 9.The heavens are telling the Glory of God 31:01


    • 10.On mighty pens uplifted soars the eagle aloft 36:13
    • 11.And God created great whales 42:25
    • 12.Most beautiful appear 44:50
    • 13.Straight opening her fertile womb 53:00
    • 14.Now heaven in fullest glory shone 55:11
    • 15.In native worth and honour clad 59:02
    • 16.Achieved is the glorious work 1:03:05


    • 17.In rosy mantle appears 1:11:32
    • 18.By Thee with bliss, a bounteous Lord 1:15:28
    • 19.Graceful consort! At thy side 1:27:25
    • 20.Sing the Lord ye voices all! 1:35:46

      2022-23 Concert Info



        • Sunday, March 26, 2023 at 3:00pm
          Call Time: 1:30pm
        • NEW! Our Lady of the Visitation
          3172 South Rd
          Cincinnati, OH 45248
        • Haydn: Creation, Parts 1 & 2 (English)
        • Saturday, March 25 – Dress Rehearsal/Sound Check
          Call Time: 8:30am

        Concert Attire

        NOTE:  Bear in mind that we perform in houses of worship.  Our concert attire standards have been established in an effort to maintain respect for our host venues, and uniformity within the chorus.  For dress rehearsals, no special attire is required.

        For Everyone:

        • NO perfume ,cologne or after-shave.  No strong-smelling fabric softener.  (This also applies to rehearsals.)
        • Music (including music scores on an electronic device) must be in a plain black folder or binder.
          • Please do *not* hole-punch sheet music!
        • Black socks or hosiery
        • Black belt, if needed
        • Comfortable, low-heeled black shoes
        • No bare shoulders or deep neck lines.
        • Masks (if required, preferred) must be solid black with no decorations or words of any kind
        • Jewelry should be understated. The idea is to blend in with everyone else vs standing out.
          • Ex. A string of pearls, a chain with a cross, etc.
          • NOTE: Events presented by other organizations may have different jewelry requirements.

        Option 1:

        • Black dress pants
        • Black shirt
        • Black neck tie (if button-down dress/Oxford style shirt)
        • Black jacket (if short sleeved-shirt)

        Option 2:

        • Black dress (Knee length or longer; Min. ¾ sleeve.)

        Option 3:

        • Black dress pants, or black skirt (Knee length or longer)
        • Black blouse (Min. ¾ sleeve.)